Braces are great!!

I love braces – of course I would say that…….wouldn’t I?

I love what braces did for my own smile many, many years ago.

I loved my orthodontist Dr George Kennedy – he truly was the inspiration for my career.  He was a gentleman and a super clinician who back in the day when CPD was not known off and the internet wasn’t even a sparkle in anyone’s eye continued to strive to improve his knowledge and skills.  He travelled to Europe and the US and spent time with eminent clinicians, learning what they could teach him.

I was very lucky, that when I returned from my specialist training in Northwestern University in Chicago, Dr Kennedy was still practicing, still learning, still going to continuing education courses and still full of fun!

I remember he sat beside me at my very first Orthodontic Society of Ireland meeting, listening to the legendary Lyle Johnson and encouraged me to ask questions.  He was just a great man and a great orthodontist.

I love what braces do for my patient’s smiles today.  There is nothing better, as an orthodontist, to see that smile when you hand the ex-braces wearer the mirror when you have just taken off their braces for the big reveal of their new smile!

Braces really are cool!